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Squnches Craft Network is all for Australian handmade craft businesses. There is a craft directory where you can advertise your business, news feed, shop, showcases and a huge list of markets and events.

The primary aim is to make this website a one stop place for all things handmade, to make life and business easier for those with handmade craft businesses to find suppliers, markets and also buyers. We offer business listing deals that are affordable for anyone and everything you could ever hope for.

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We reveal the faces behind some of our wonderful listed businesses and tell you their story of how their business came to be.

I am a stay at home Mom whose kids have flown the coop, so to speak and was originally making Dreamcatchers with my Brother In Law, who is a Cherokee Indian. As time went on I had to unfortunately leave my full time job for health reasons and saw some pieces of jewellery someone had made and put on Facebook This was the start of my Jewellery making journey. I make One of a Kind Designs and was originally inspired by Gemstones, which I love working with, and am currently designing some pieces working with Pearls and Crystals, for Weddings etc. I haven’t exactly found my true niche in what I would like to specialise in, but just love working with beads and figuring out how to show them off to their full potential. There are many pieces listed on my website available for sale and I also welcome custom orders.

My name is Juanita Serrano, and I am the owner of Juanderous. I have 4 children; 3 handsome boys and 1 beautiful daughter. This is how my story began!

The first cream I developed was for my daughter who is allergic to mosquito bites, these bites leave blisters on her skin. Generally I would go into my garden, get some Aloe Vera, prepare it and then apply it to her skin. During summer, I had days were I was going to my Aloe Vera plant 5 – 15 times per day. Now, I conveniently grab a container of “Aloe Vera & Coconut Foot & Body Cream”, it is less time consuming and my daughter loves it! From there I found that it soothed all sorts of skin issues, such as dry cracked feet, itchy skin, it even improves the appearance of varicose veins and of course soothes the sting from insect bites.

I then began learning more about the healing properties of plants, my aim was to create products that contained more of the active ingredients, without the use of unnecessary fillers. My favourite plant is the medicinal Aloe Vera plant, and after many trial and error experiments I was able to turn my successful experiments into quality skincare products for all to use.


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